About Me


Workplace Values

They say the things you know color your view of the world. For me, that means approaching most things in my life with a design mindset. This includes a set of ever-evolving values or principles. These ideas guide my day-to-day and inform my work-place decisions.

Balance - To do good work, I rest; To imagine the future, I consult the past; I plan so I can be spontaneous. Extremes lead to overcorrection.

Supportive Collaboration - Diversity of thought and perspective leads to divergent ideas. Teammates and users have a voice. Everyone has something to offer.

Method and Craft - Process is a tool, and tools are only as good as the craftsman. Results speak for themselves.

Team Structures

I enjoy working in multi-disciplary teams that include visual designers, content designers, motion designers, project managers, engineers, and client stakeholders. I have a strong appreciation of the various mentalities these different perspectives bring to the table, and view my role to be that of a conversation-facilitator as much as interaction designer. Project teams with healthy communication habits tend to be better aligned, more engaged, and ultimately more successful.

Mentoring & Management

My management style is heavily influenced by the three values listed above. I strive to facilitate and coach, helping individuals find their own values, voice, and strengths. I hope to guide without molding people in my image. I offer my reports a listening ear, my past experiences, and a different perspective. 


While I lack formal design education, my autodidactic tendencies have served me well. I am able to remain flexible in new situations, constantly seeking out or creating methods to fit a situation. Each project gives me an opportunity to refine my understanding of how methods can be tweaked for improved results. 

I rely heavily on human-centered design methodologies, tempered with an ability to trust my intuition when the occasion calls for it. In these occasions, I take care to track the assumptions I'm making, looking for opportunities to test them.

My current workflow includes:

  • Illustrator or Sketch for wireframing
  • InDesign for documentation
  • Keynote for presentations
  • Axure and Invision for prototyping
  • Box for somewhat successful file management
  • Jira & Confluence for project management
  • A host of writing apps
  • Whiteboards & paper for collaboration
  • A criminal number of post-its